About SevWhite

Sevag's exposure to photography started a few hours after he was born. Through his first 365 days on Earth, his Father, Raffi took more than 2000 pictures (35mm slides) tracing his son's growth millimeter after millimeter, just like a botanist with his first plant.

Raffi's love for photography was rapidly passed on to Sevag. He got his first point and shoot camera (110 film) as a Christmas present by the age of 6. At 8, his first SLR, a heavy duty Soviet made Zenith was his favorite toy. His mother's kitchen table, aluminum foil rolls and picnic torches were the key elements of his mini studio. Apples, oranges, cucumbers, fish and tomatoes were his 'still-life'. Sevag prematurely started enjoying the red lights of his darkroom when he was 10.

Various factors, travel and university frequently disrupted Sevag's hobby until he called it back from rest in the very first years of the 21st century. Since then, photography is his weapon, his various cameras his loyal companions and the world his stage.

Sevag's view of photography is to capture the spirit and beauty of life, creating a story and communicating an idea through still pictures and the art of photography. Sevag has developed his own style of photography which is instinctive, daring, creative, plain but also powerful. In addition to artistic fine art work, Sevag's interests span the realms of portraiture, nature, snapshots, art and commercial photography.

He is based in Paris and London and travels frequently across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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